About Us

JustClean Singapore Pte Ltd is founded by Mr.Yuan on August 2008 with an aim to provide an easy access to cleaning service for all.

With a Team of professionals, Mr Yuan created and launched a service platform connecting all self-employed/ part-time cleaners,

providing them work with no fixed working hours and contracts. The cleaners can work when they free like to and get paid right after the job

done confirmed by the customer. Mr Yuan also created a section where normal users can view and learn many cleaning tips and hacks that

will ease their cleaning work with no extra charges. Its being 10years since JustClean's founding and our team is pleased with how far we have come

so far and all the achievements we have achieved.

Our Mission

To Provide all users an easy access to cleaning service

Our Vision

To become the Top cleaning Company In Singapore


We believe that "Home Is The Starting Place Of Love, Hope and Dreams." Hence everyone should deserve a "Clean Start"!